Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eat More

When it comes to food, few subjects hold a spot so dearest in my heart.

Some might see this obsessive attraction as an unhealthy neurosis. Others - usually those with an optimistic outlook on gluttony - tend to support my continual, minute-to-minute banter about culinary complexities.

Possessing an attraction towards food is, in all actuality, nothing really new. It's not different, innovative or in anyway unique to an individual. People eat everyday, cook everyday and consume for their personal existence. Some better than others due to numerous, individual reasons.

In my case, my personal desire to pursue the finest aliments the world has to offer, began at a young age. My mother raised me well, fed me well and taught me to understand cultures. Why people dress the way they do, what they eat, how they live, etc, etc.

Over the past few years, however, my desire to learn everything there is about food oddly and randomly occurred.

It was a brisk, chilly and rather mundane wintery night. Dinner had ended at a suburban, midwest restaurant and dessert was to be consumed at the table. My mother asked me what I might be having this fine evening. Not at all a bizarre question.

Yet for some odd reason, I had no desire for dessert that night. At the time, I was struggling with weight issues and daily food-intake restrictions. A low dip in my life, if you will.

To fast forward things, from that day on, for roughly the next year my goal was to lose weight, fend off hunger pangs and shape myself up. By shaping myself up, I mean losing half my body mass. During that time, when not consuming food, I spent hours upon hours reading about, well, food.

I read books, cooked for the family and explored all that cooking had to offer. Since then, it has never stopped.

An interesting story, not so much. But understanding the origin of what my life has sprouted from, yes.

I created this blog as an outlet to share stories of daily eatings, write hodgepodge reviews and post attractive photos of food you may wonder why I even ate. Basic thoughts on food, reflections on meals long forgotten, along with anything generally food related.

When I'm not criticizing, critiquing or griping about the temperature of my steak or palatability of dishes for my newspaper - I read, contemplate and think about food. Somehow, with a sporadic dedication towards exercise, I keep myself reasonably fit.

So to say I enjoy food, might be an understatement. But what fuels my life and keeps me happy, I can only hope in some way does the same for you. From this day on, I'll do my best to continually update and keep The Last Bite invigorating and inviting. Food is meant to be enjoyed together, so why not share a little. Savor it all and appreciate gastronomy. From the time it touches your lips, to the very last bite.

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