Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness

Month of March:
1. Sandwiches
2. Quesadillas
3. Cereal
4. Beer
5. Wine
6. Indian Food
7. Mediterranean Food
8. Filipino Food
9. Pancakes
10. Pizza

For the month of March, the eating, along with the lack of steady writing job has sent me into a downward spiral of monotonous consumption. Restaurants have been sparse, limited to a few various ethnic assortments. Much love for the complexities of sandwiches along with the occasional beer.

La Poularde has been shunned for too long, after the realization of its lack of readership. Professional outlook is at a standstill; may adopt more casual tone for poularde. Keep yourself glued for updates. One may never know when they strike!

1 comment:

gringaloca said...

when you make me brownies, i'll cook.

as for the daily intake, i'm glad to see you've included my favorite staple food in the list... cereal.

just promise me you are eating the good kind, no pops/fruitloops/count chocula nonsense.