Monday, February 16, 2009




She knew was she was doing and I was fine with it. Piece by piece I'd play the game, moving from black to white and then somewhere muddled within the grays. The Gray Area: I loved that term. It was as if you could bullshit your way though any situation, mix it up however you like then shit it out in whatever form you desired. People could take it for what it was or question it for what it wasn't. Or was it the other way around? I forgot. But then again, isn't this sort of charcoal colored? 

Samuel knew what was best, but little did he know the things that were going on behind his back. Bit by bit she'd slip some here and there. She called it Coca-Cola Money. "This is for you sweetie, enjoy it while you can," she would say to me. I shook my head every time with a short smirk and a twinkle in my eye. She knew I appreciated what she was doing but I couldn't bring myself to go all the way through. We knew we were teasing each other but neither of us admitted it.

I didn't see her for awhile because I had a different path to walk down. She probably went back to doing what she did best while I opted for a more scenic route. But eventually, I figured we might bump into each other again for whatever reason. Every time was a good time - as abrupt as each meeting was.

In the meantime I spent evenings alone drinking and writing away. The weather was never too pleasant outside so my only contact was a small vent a little under half a foot. Sometimes I made it a little larger if I was getting hot, but that was only on occasion.

The floors constantly needed cleaning after having so many visitors. Some slept on the floor while others got a little better treatment. I tried to be kind to all but after awhile you begin to realize that there's only so much time. Instead I threw kind words to some, demanding requests to others and sweet, sweet nothings for only the best. I thought a lot about what I was doing and whether it was the right thing to do. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, but then again, there still were 10 left over. 

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