Saturday, April 25, 2009



My trips to the market involved browsing, eye-scanning, finger-touching and nose-smelling. I didn’t fully utilize tongue-tasting or ear-hearing because I had to block some things out. There were many takers worthy of being taken, but I skipped them in an effort to cut-back on what I thought I already had enough of. Little did I know, the quality of what was being offered was to supersede what had already been in a current cycle of consumption. The trade-off was superlative. I dined like a king for the rest of my days.

When the time came, I was to be tested on my knowledge, observations and utilization. I told them a plain je ne sais pas would get the job done. What did it matter after you threw the detour sign out and left everyone to stand there in a dazed state of being? It only took four words to get your point across, yet it took them three words to counter-balance your queerish statement.

I repeated the words in case they didn’t know how to ear-hear. Je ne sais pas I said aloud. I made sure to add the “neh” to the ne and a “pah” to the pas. Had I forgotten the “saeh” part of sais, I would’ve been left with something that sounded more like the home of a sherpa. I surely didn’t want to confuse anyone over phonetics.

After a successful trip I took a nose dive into everything else I felt that I had been missing out on. People always spoke of the fruits de mer as being an odd concept, but it was more of the fruits de vie that got me going. Why settle for just one when you can have it all? Throw out a je ne sais pas and it’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card plus benefits. The benefits being the corner with all the dough. The more money you had in your pockets the more fun you could have, right? The benefits for the beneficiary. Life’s a bitch, then you die. Isn’t that how they cut the pie? My oh my, you’re almost sly. I forgot to tell you your work’s a lie. If you rhyme once more I’ll cut your bit. No, not a typo - I meant to write _ _ _ _.

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