Friday, May 15, 2009

Lee Waves


Speak softly and carry a big stick,
Once said a dear friend, err, I mean dick.
They offered kool-aid and punch for all,
Tropical and such, I do recall.

Bastions of whores scattered the fine scene,
Mingling and mangling seemed so routine,
Mud turned to blood and blood to dark foam,
A mansion cum palace de la holm.

Piglets strapped abound, tramped all about,
Spurts of stupidity came by flout.
An inkling seemed terribly tempting,
The drupe was already consenting,
Flings and dings and bangs go all abound,
Crashing and booming, thuds on the ground.

It awoke in the hours of bright,
Curled in acts that came with hindsight.
Champagne and caviar was in need,
Never this seemed a merited deed.

Whispers to vespers bring shouts to screams,
Cloudy confusion brings our worst dreams.
Slowly, surely, sun come to me here,
This shit blows my mind, whirs in my ear.

It happened without a single thought,
Tempted I ask, or merely store bought.
Questions, I say questions are with me,
I didn’t mean, I mean no, yes, please.

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