Thursday, December 10, 2009


There are days to go walking and there are days to go talking.
What we tread on and whom we tread on depends on whom we’re talking to.
It can be in words or it can be in pictures.
We can hear it, breathe it, taste it.
As we use our senses to get by, day by day, we hope to adapt.
Some learn to care more for others than themselves.
Others learn to care more for themselves than others.
Comparisons like these may seem black and white, or they can seem grey.
We like comparisons just as much as we like truth, fact or a straight answer.
But what good is an answer other than the fact that this idea is based on a theory.
It’s numerical, logical, theological.
No, it’s full of patterns.
As it repeats and repeats, turns and burns and reverts back to before, we stop.
We notice.
Are we really making change? Or are we doing something better?
Hug a fellow, share some change, make a change.
Does it really boil down to the simplicities of life?
A smile on a face? A meal that warms the stomach?
We can be complicated and slick or simple and humble.
It’s balance – everything is balance.
But who controls the scales?

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