Saturday, April 10, 2010


The sunshine of her rays pour through the curtains and upon my arms. They refract with ease, moving away from skin and on to the table. Its warm caress is fleeting, as we only just met. Saline tears do nothing for the loss, as the bitter winds will only wash them away. It is with time that the realization will find its entrance. Steps upon steps and with ticks of the clock; solace always finds its way back in. Though it may come from a different direction or moment within the day, it is still there – even if we assume it once left us. With a return to a state of mind that was once reserved for a previous idea, the lucidity of it all has been cleaned. It’s not that we were ever neglected, but rather what has covered this slate has now moved like a gale. Common misconception, realized if only for a moment.

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