Monday, February 6, 2012

Disambiguation - Max Marshall & Andrea Nguyen

I. Artist Statement:

In the series Disambiguation, artists Andrea Nguyen and Max Marshall construct experiments based on scientific concepts and principles. The work explores a photograph’s ability to display a complex theory. Images are found and curated from Wikipedia’s archive, then re-created and re-photographed by the artists. By sourcing imagery from Wikipedia, Disambiguation deals with the dissemination of a scientific principle through a visual representation. Although the original image acts as a starting point, the series of photographs are formed by aesthetic choices while still remaining true to the principle’s parameters.  Images are then placed back into Wikipedia under their original pages.  From that point it is up to the user-based community to approve or remove the demonstrative, artist made images.

The series is currently on view at Red Space Gallery in Austin, TX.

Red Space Gallery
1203 West 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756

Created: 2012, Austin, TX
Media: Film
Equipment: Mamiya RB67

II. The Artists:

i. MAX,

Favorite ice cream or gelato flavor:

- Caramelized carrots and tarragon  
- Lick Ice Creams
- Austin, TX


Ideal cocktail:

- Pastis

What are you reading lately:

- Where Art Belongs, Chris Kraus

What are you listening to lately:

- We All Together, Peru

"So yesterday, I _______________________. "

- "... threw tootsie for Ducky."


Favorite ice cream or gelato flavor:

Ice cream: Coffee and peppermint, always
Flavor of the season: Grapefruit Ginger from Lick Ice Creams
Gelato: Pistachio

Ideal cocktail:

Gin, St. Germain, lemon, and soda water

What are you reading lately:

I have been sitting on 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami for the past month! Maybe some trashy celeb magazines every once in a while to pass the time...

What are you listening to lately:

We listen to 800+ song mix at work, so it's all over the place. I've had some songs on repeat that I can dance to... St. Vincent 'Cruel' and Robyn 'Call Your Girlfriend'

"So yesterday, I _______________________. "

"...had a long day at work, met up with a good friend to over indulged in some seafood at Perla's and finished up the night with 'Catch Phrase'."

Artist Biographies:

Mr. Marshall and Ms. Nguyen are currently based out of Austin, TX, yet will be moving to Brooklyn, NY in March 2012. When not shooting photos or eating ice cream, they can often be found playing with cats, spending too much money at Central Market, or doing the same at Austin's various restaurants & bars. When The Last Bite is ever in town, the two will without a doubt find themselves dining at Justine's 1937 or The Salt Lick to satiate his hedonistic needs.

Max J. Marshall

Andrea P. Nguyen

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