Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mai Bier

"Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world."
- Kaiser Wilhelm

12 April 2008
Beer: Brooklyn Brewery Brooklynbock Doppelbock
Location: Whole Foods, Bowery NYC
Price: $9/Jug
Grade: 6.6

Roasted coffee tastes, deep and earthy. Dirt and smooth. Medium body, little bit of spritz. Chocolate, malt, creaminess, brown sugar and vanilla. Sweet hint at the end. Some licorice and molasses. A little thin in body, but it makes it up for it through some complex flavors. Not exactly the most pungent or lively beer in the bunch, but it’s a nice enjoyable brew. Good for some pork. Or female. No no, pork & football. That’s it.

19 April 2008
Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Location: Avenue B & E 3rd St Bodega
Price: $4/24oz.
Grade: 6.5

Toasted bitters, yeasty, a good amount of heartiness. Tastes of wheat, barley, honey. Medium body, not a very long lasting flavor. Tingles on the tongue then holds a tart bite for awhile. Not so much complex as it is a ‘big gulp’ kind of beer. Smooth, creamy, citrus notes as with most beers like this. Nice golden color, good frothy 1” head. Definitely an enjoyable beer that is much more available than others. A classic pale ale, worthy of introducing folks to a “good” beer. Hoppy but not too hoppy. Definitely does not compare with Dogfish 90 IPA though. But it’s for sure a good pal.

24 April 2008
Beer: Hofbrau Maibock
Location: Whole Foods, Bowery, NYC
Price: $9/6pk
Grade: 6.4

Malty, caramelized, yet weak finish. Could’ve been great but not a very long-lasting, complex beer. Very shallow and hit up front (barely) then disappear. Disappointed I guess you could say. Sweet, nectar hints but nothing too much. Between a session beer and failed ‘complex-sipping’ beer. Tried to picture myself drinking this in a biergarten. I guess it would be best in a giant stein and in a large consumption. Who knows though? Maybe I should move to Germany.

26 April 2008
Beer: Gaffel Kolsch
Location: Associated Supermarket
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 7.0

Refreshing, but not the most refreshing. Good taste and such though. Had with tilapia and rice… and insalata caprese. Not my cooking through.

26 April 2008
Beer: Magic Hat H.I.P.A.
Location: M2M
Price: $11/6pk
Grade: 6.9

Very punchy, yeasty overload. Bitters for sure, sour at times. Floral with caramel, hops galore. Malty, bitter, perfumed crispiness. Drunk at party, so maybe my taste buds were inhibited. Nonetheless, not the best, not the worst. Leaning more towards the former though. More of a “good” beer than a “bad” one.

28 April 2008
Beer: Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier
Location: Fern Gully Deli (3rd Avenue @ E 12th St)
Price: $13/6pk
Grade: 7.7

Truly baller and complex. Nice.

29 April 2008
Beer; Kingfisher Lager
Location: Curry Mahal Indian
Price: $4/bottle
Grade: 4.3

Works with Indian food, but not by itself.

30 April 2008
Beer: Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Local 1
Location: Key Foods, Avenue A @ E 4th St
Price: $7.49/750mL
Grade: 8.1

Nice, rich, cloudy golden ale. Thick barley, malt taste. Frothy 2.5cm head, sweet bitters, not too hoppy, Nice yeasty flavor, a medium-heavy body that isn’t too light and far from heavy. A very smooth drink with a buttery goodness. A grainy taste with the all-too-common citrus bits. Some honey and oats, with a twist of white pepper near the end. A little spice, maybe clove. Crisp yet smooth, highly refreshing. A definite swell job by Brooklyn Brewery.

2 May 2008
Beer: Yuengling Traditional Lager
Location: Zips’ Corner Store: Avenue C @ E 3rd St
Price: $5/5 beers to Ted?
Grade: 3.9

Piss in a green bottle. Really. With some flavor to it.

5 May 2008
Beer: Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Lager
Location: MacDougal @ E 3rd St Deli
Price: $13.50/6pk
Grade: 6.2

Drunk at the Bobst library, probably made it seem a lot better than usual (adrenaline rush). Always a good fallback beer, good session beer, but not a top-of-the-line gourmet beer. Nonetheless, much better than usual competition.

6 May 2008
Beer: (Troegs?) Hop Back Amber Ale – Cask Ale
Location: Croxley Ales, Avenue B @ E 3rd St
Price: $7.50/pint
Grade: 8.5

Fucking awesome. Cask Ale for the win, by far. Though it may be at room temperature, you really get to taste all that it has to offer. Sweet, roasted-y, delicious, good malts and yeasts. Not too bad of bitters or hops, delicious. Apples, hops, malts, sweetness, clean, not dry, smooth, rich and enjoyable. Even a plop of slight creaminess thrown in.

6 May 2008
Beer: Brasserie d’Achouffe, La Chouffe – Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Location: Croxley Ales, Avenue B @ E 3rd St
Price: $9/bottle
Grade: 8.3

Definitely an enjoyable beer well worth the cost. Bitter, light, malty, slight complexity. Banana, cloves, citrus, grainy and grassy all in a medium-light body. Very crisp, very good.

6 May 2008
Beer: Orkney Ale, SkullSplitter – Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy
Location: Croxley Ales, Avenue B @ E 3rd St
Price: $6/pint
Grade: 7.0

Skunky roasted raisins for sure. Dark roasted malts, fruity mixed with alcohol undertones. Very refreshing yet peculiar. Tastes of plum, dates, yeasts and molasses. Not that heavy of a body though, just a mid-medium. Sugary, with some candied fruits coming through. Syrupy, even, with a bit of oak-y chewiness. Rich, yet balanced and light. Earthy and a lil funky. Not a bad pint.

7 May 2008
Beer: Brooklyner – Schneider Hopfen-Weisse
Location: Whole Foods Bowery, NYC
Price: $12.99/750mL
Grade: 7.5

Fat 3-finger head to start off, spunky, prickly, delicious. Yeasts, all-too-common citrus, coriander, dry yet refreshing. A medium body, but not as complex a real true Belgian Witbier. Cloudy and thick looking, has some traces of yeast bits throughout. It’s definitely not a failure though, just not up to par with the genuine fellows. Has hints of real bitter cacao, white peppercorns and spice. Mad hops and good amount of bitters. Punchy but doesn’t follow through though. Tastes of pine dusted with some spiciness. If there’s any banana to it, it’s a spice-punched banana. Not too overpowering, just prickly. Tickles your tongue, gives a fight but disappears basically. Even has a toss of ginger and sea salt. Yum, right?

9 May 2008
Beer: Goose Island, Honker’s Ale
Location: Whole Foods Bowery, NYC
Price: $9/6pk
Grade: 6.0

Not bad, not great. There are better out there though. Light-Medium body with roasted malts and barley hints. Sweet, cherries, strawberry and subtle yeast/wheat. Little to no hops (surprisingly for a ‘English Bitter’), very light hued amber color. Enjoyable but not boot-knocking.

10 May 2008
Beer: Kisz, Czech Lager
Location: Associated Supermarket
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 4.1

Few peculiar tingles, but overall I won’t fly over rainbows for it. It had a funky malt-metallic taste that was interesting, but not something you’d go “Oh yeah!” for. Pissy yellow-amber, few bubblies. Kinda skunky, kinda off after taste. Ok, but not ok-ay.

10 May 2008
Beer: New Zealand Breweries, Steinlager
Location: Avenue D Deli, Chia/Cohen Apt.
Price: Gratis, courtesy Chia
Grade: 4.0

Maybe New Zealand is an island off the coast of a former penal colony for a reason. It’s an earnest try at a beer, but it won’t be winning awards any time soon. At least not good ones.

12 May 2008
Beer: Lagunitas, IPA
Location: Fine Fare
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 5.3

Apples, cinnamon, very mild hops and bitters. A tad watery I’d even say. Somewhat like a moderately spiced apple juice with a kind of flatness. Maybe it was an old bunch but it’s kind of lacking any kick. Slight malts and yeasts, if any. Not much head, very pale copper look. Tastes of metallics, orange, pine. A bit of a downfall I’d say, I was expecting a little more. Oak and toasted bread comes through, slightly, with a sweetened finish. Ok, but not a review mind-blower at all.

15 May 2008
Beer: Victory Brewing Co., Hop Devil Ale
Location: Associated
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 6.3

Yum. Punchy hops, maltiness, caramel and goodness. Had a tinge of butter with a piney-citrus to follow up. Well-balanced and fine carbonation. Enjoyable, surely, but not a knocks-your-socks-off beer.

16 May 2008
Beer: Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager
Location: East Village Farm
Price: $12/6pk
Grade: 5.8

Kind of funky. Licorice, soggy oak, raisins. Smoky and roasted. Dark fruit, toasted malts, sweetness – molasses or caramel. A bit thin though, only a light-medium body, not too overly complex.

16 May 2008
Beer: Brooklyn Weiss Beer
Location: Zip’s
Price: Gratis, G. Chang Express Delivers
Grade: 6.5

A fine beer. Wheaty, yeasty, but not too complex overall. Would be a good beer at a baseball game or something though.

16 May 2008
Beer: Modelo Especial
Location: Zip’s
Price: Gratis, Chia Pet
Grade: 4.9

Acceptable, however I’d take a real Negra Modelo though. Maybe would be ok with some greasy ass quesadillas.

16 May 2008
Beer: Amstel Light
Location: Zip’s
Price: Gratis, Chia Pet
Grade: 4.8

Poop. But definitely works for beer bongs.

17 May 2008
Beer: Dogfish Brewery, Raison d’Etre (I.B.A.)
Location: Jubilee, John St @ Williams St
Price: $11/6pk
Grade: 7.0

Awesome. Especially with one of my burgers. And guacamole. Tastes of chestnuts, mahogany, brown sugar and rye. Like a sophisticated beer that knows what’s up. Good tingle, good floral and good character. Medium body with an alright taste. Has sweetness and malts, with some allspice, cloves or some other spice. Surely a gooden.

20 May 2008
Beer: Ommegang Abbey Ale, Dubbel
Location: Whole Foods Bowery, NYC
Price: $7/750mL
Grade: 7.0

Not bad, dark-colored head – good 3”. Frothy, fruity, sweet and malty. Medium body with alright carbonation. A dark burgundy-brown that goes down very smooth. Tastes of coffee and caramel, some molasses and such. Some fruit, some bread, some plum even. Very comfortable sip, with a twist of citrus. Not too spicy, not too hoppy. A good beer for fine consumption.

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