Friday, January 2, 2009

Bonjour, 2009

With a new year comes a new post.

All while you're thinking, "It's about time, dipshit."
Much love and great blessings to all.

18 December 08
Beer: Dogfish Indian Brown Ale
Location: Adinah Farms, Ave C, NYC
Price: $14.50/6pk
Grade: 7.3

Coffee, toffee, mocha, loco, dark, delicious. But horribly overpriced, at least here. Still quite good though.

23 December 08
Beer: Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold
Location: Binny’s, Buffalo Grove, IL
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 6.6

Has that malty-yeasty taste that is so notable with the German beers. A light, low-range lager that would be nice with some sausage, lighter weight foods and maybe even some shellfish. Grainy, some lemon and a kiss of pine. Good stuff indeed.

24 December 08
Beer: Tanner’s Jack, Morland Brewery
Location: Binny’s, Buffalo Grove, IL
Price: $10/6pk
Grade: 6.8

Made by the same folks that brew Old Speckled Hen. Tastes of teak, hops, short bitters and punchy toffee. Gives some fizz mixed with skunkiness and some watery aftertaste. But for what it lacks in an overall gulp, it makes up with the refreshing taste. I suppose this seems like a contradiction, but it’s something you can sit down with and down a trio of pints like it’s no big deal. A bit of tin-like metallic twang to it also, but somehow it’s just a lovable little guy worth trying.

26 December 08
Beer: Spaten Optimator
Location: Hackney’s, Lake Zurich, IL
Price: $5.50/pint
Grade: 6.7

Dark, thick, medium body of lingering syrup notes with an oaky taste throughout. Good, but not as hearty as it could be. Has a bit more “optimizing” to do.

27 December 08
Beer: Michelob Irish Red
Location: King Distributors
Price: Gratis via King Distributors Ltd.
Grade: 6.1

Quite drinkable, but not a beer I’d go out of my way to try again or purchase. Hence, the reason this fellow was received-fo-free. Hops come through and the smooth carbonation follows, but this is a beer for Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s – something like that.

28 December 08
Beer: Shiner Cheer
Location: H-E-B Louetta, Cypress, TX
Price: Gratis via Davis Brew Provisions
Grade: 7.1

Peaches, pecans, darkness, Texas Shiner love and a pinch of quirkiness. Could have a more inviting body and bite to it, but the perplexing mix of local ingredients gives this guy a thumbs up.

28 December 08
Beer: Michelob Pale Ale
Location: King Distributors
Price: Gratis via King Distributors Ltd.
Grade: 6.0

Pale... and an ale. Aliment for my diet.

29 December 08
Beer: Sterkens Dubbel Ale, Brouwerij Sterkens N.V.
Location: Central Market, Houston, TX
Price: $13/4pk
Grade: 7.4

Candied malts, damp yeast and the all-too common dark fruit. Kind of like a “clunky dubbel” that bluntly throws flavors around. It’s good, for sure, but not as refined as other Belgians out there. A rustic bite with jumbles of grassy hay and moist moss with cherries, plums and raisins. Sweet, sour and sometimes sugary. There’s a klusterfuck of flavors going on around here, but somehow it pushes something out in the end. You like it, but you’re not sure why you like it. Then there’s a second guess and you assume that you no longer like it. But once you take another gulp, you recall that this is a Belgian beer and that’s why you like it. So why you like it shouldn’t necessarily be why I like it, but rather vice versa. Good dark beer, yes. Lets leave it at that.

30 December 08
Beer: Michelob Marzen
Location: King Distributors
Price: Gratis via King Distributors Ltd.
Grade: 6.3

German-y but still Michelob. Idiots.

31 December 08
Beer: Michelob Porter
Location: King Distributors
Price: Gratis via King Distributors Ltd.
Grade: 6.1

Dark, but not even dark enough to be a Porter. Like drinking an Ovaltine mixed with champagne. Some fucked up shit, but still drinkable.

31 December 08
Beer: Kirin Ichiban
Location: H-E-B Louetta, Cypress, TX
Price: $11/6pk
Grade: 6.4

A fine Japanese beer. Light, a lil ricey and a good gulp.

31 December 08
Beer: Pearl
Location: Whole Foods 6th St, Austin, TX
Price: $8/12pk
Grade: 6.5

Great value, crisp taste. Bang for your buck and like the PBR of the south. Duly approved for mass consumption and large quantity intake – or when feeding hoards of drunken individuals in need of further inebriating liquids.

31 December
Beer: Dos Equis
Location: Whole Foods 6th St, Austin, TX
Price: Gratis via D. Edwards Ltd.
Grade: 5.1

Consumed while not in the best state of mind. But based off of past consumption memory, 5.1 is well merited. Mexican, pissy lager and guzzled often by bros n’ hos down on the Yucatan.

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