Wednesday, September 29, 2010


“I SOMETIMES ASK my wife to bring back a menu when she goes out for dinner with her informal dining group, and if she happens to remember, I can usually guess, with about 90 percent accuracy, exactly which dishes were ordered by whom. The screenwriter gravitates toward the more fundamental sorts of innards, and the magazine writer gets the chicken. My wife has the scariest thing on the menu (cocks’ combs, baby eels), and the host, who is a good sport about these things, invariably settles for the second-scariest (roe-bearing scallops, monkfish liver with lemon verbena). The starving artist orders the most extravagant item, usually lobster. And the chef, even when faced with the most dazzling examples of culinary virtuosity, always orders a steak, extra rare. She can’t help herself. It comes with the job.”

- J. Gold, Gourmet, Juin MMI

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