Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Last Bite : The Poularde

Un Nouveau Chapitre 

Originally, this website was created to document meals, reviews, and whimsical musings. Today, it has evolved into more of an online inspiration board. It now serves the purpose of what Tumblr and Pinterest aspired to do, but what Instagram has excelled at. As Twitter and Vine and Path and Quora and Facebook and Google+ and YouTube and Vimeo and every other social-linking website continues to try to "connect" us with one another, let us not forget that there's a world of beauty just beyond the walls, windows and doors that keep us behind laptop, tablet, mobile and TV screens.

I've kept The Last Bite/La Poularde/The Poularde alive because it's a testament of the past ~6 years I've spent online. As the blog's content and thought evolved, the world of technology has expanded at an exponential rate. We now have hundreds of access points throughout the day that allow us to connect in ways our parents, grandparents and ancestors never had.

Experiencing life in a new form, approach, and outlet should always be exciting. As technology develops and affects the way we use our senses to interact with our surroundings, each of our own beautiful and mysterious paths will play out. How we balance it all is a winsome struggle. To read or not to read? To eat or not to eat? To speak or not to speak?

As a visitor of this website, you must acknowledge that you're quite lucky to have access to the Internet. Whether you intentionally sought La Poularde or merely stumbled upon it (see: StumbleUpon), I thank you for taking the time to get this far. Having breezed over thousands upon thousands of webpages and images in my life, to make it to paragraph 4 within any piece of writing requires a certain amount of commitment. Say, a bit of blind faith [that it's going to be worth it].

This online menhir acts as a symbol of the modern obelisk. We all digest content at such a rapid rate these days, one must ask themselves - does any of it sink in? Years ago, distractions and media came in far different forms. Were they any more concentrated than us? Will innovation foster with the manner we currently "teach" ourselves? Are all these blogs and likes and comments working towards anything greater?

Hopefully, yes. Hopefully, the good change will come. Hopefully, we will see the world differently and seek to better it. Now, whether this falls into the sea of other liquid crystals viewed yesterday or a year ago, depends on you. And me. And just about everyone else.

Thus, may we all continue to view the world with our own lens. But may we also be able to focus on the good. The areas to improve. The work to be done.

(Indeed, there's always more to be done.)

Cheers to what lies ahead.



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